The 9 months you were gone were some of the hardest, most challenging months I’ve ever experienced in my life. But I knew everything would be okay because we loved each other! But I’m so happy we’re back in each other’s arms. And thrilled to be getting married in 51 days♥♥

25 days until our wedding♥♥♥♥

Today we are all “Boston Strong”.


Just more spam xD


Chi ti ama ti strappa dagli occhi la malinconia
e ci semina campi di girasoli.


Going shopping for a puppy for James and me!! :) Ahhh


I’m so proud of him and love him very much.

Look who I found at the airport. I finally have my fiancée in my arms. ❤️

Anonymous asked: My man and I have been fighting a lot lately and I need help. I don't know how to handle these fights and how to solve them.. help?

When James and I fight, we usually take an hour or so apart to breathe and think things through and see each other’s side. We then get together and tell the other person how they made us feel and why it made us feel that way. 

Communication and honesty is key in an relationship!! Everything will work out just breathe and talk to him:) 


A sniper with the 138th Infantry Regiment’s Sniper Team, Missouri Army National Guard, fires a Barrett .50 at a 400-meter target.

28 Days until I get married and this wedding is not going to be ready..


My best friend.💕