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the-one-you-would-least-expect asked: Thank you for telling me what opsec And persec means!' It was very helpful!(:

You are very welcome!(: I’m glad it helped!


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Sending care packages overseas?  Here’s a little how-to-do so you won’t let customs forms intimidate you.  Also, definitely ask the post office staff questions if you’re not sure.  There’s about room for 4 items to list and so I usually list the basic things like books, beef jerky, baby wipes, and gum.  Keep it simple and a tip given to me is to not list the expensive items, just to make sure that your care package isn’t tampered with.


THIS THIS THIS THIS!!! I do it different EVERY TIME I send out a package!!!


What is opsec and persec?

Opsec is operation security and it entails keeping all information and knowledge about operations and travel dates and deployments and missions a secret. This is so that the information doesn’t fall into the hands of the wrong person and cause danger to your loved one and their unit. It’s all about keeping our brave men and women safe.

Persec is personal security. And that is basically just keeping your and your loved ones personal information personal. Whether it be about leave or just general life activities.

Hope this helps!(:

Care Package Ideas


Howdy y’all! Need some care package ideas? Check out my pinterst of them! :) I’ll add more as soon as I find more! :)

We got a puppy. He adorable.

So on top of me getting sick from kissing my adorable handsome husband, I am now on my period.. Gotta love timing and being a girl.. 

And today I HAVE to get almost all the house done.. :/ I just want to sleep.. :/