The thing I hate the most about living in Texas is being so far away from the people I trust the most, besides my husband of course. Like tonight when I really needed my best friend… And I got in the car to drive to her then realized she lives in North Carolina and I’m in Texas. Yeah it sucks ass…


Never Forgotten…
U.S. Army 1st Lt. Matthew Greene, the son Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, places a rose on his father’s casket during a service at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., Aug. 14, 2014. Greene was killed Aug. 5, 2014, at Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul, Afghanistan. (DoD photo by Rachel Larue, U.S. Army/Released)
John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

Congratulations to my husband! He was officially promoted today. So proud of him!


Harry Potter Slytherin Care Package

My husband’s 3rd year anniversary in the Navy happened while he was deployed, so I used it as an excuse to make him a Harry Potter themed care package. He is definitely a Slytherin, so I decorated the box with his house colors and emblems.

I wrote him a letter from Hogwarts welcoming him to his 4th year in “Dumbledore’s Navy” and his first “Semester at Sea”, and sealed it with a melted red crayon.

I used small plastic vials filled with his favorite candies as “potion” ingredients. For example: chocolate rocks as Bezoars, banana runts as horned slugs, sour watermelon slices as Bat spleens, sour rainbow belts as Boomslang skins etc.

Dallas always appreciates new magazines, so I got a bunch of them and made covers for them so they would look like Hogwarts textbooks. I also included a small magnetic checkers/chess set and made it look like Wizarding chess.

I made him a wand out of a chopstick, hot glue, beads and paint, and made “Golden Snitches” by gluing wings onto Ferrero Rocher candies.

I also made sure to include chocolate coins as Galleons and a green Ring Pop as Salazar Slytherin’s ring.

In addition to Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans and a chocolate frog, I included Muggle treats like popcorn, mints, power bars, soups, and cookies.

A stuffed Hedwig holding Dallas’ letter, and some pictures from Halloween of Khaleesi dressed as a dragon and Me as Luna, and some more private pics of me in my Ravenclaw robe finished off the box. :)

Ohmygosh! Can someone please make me a Harry potter care package?? I love this so much!!!

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I saw a version of this on Pinterest and took a shot at it. Thought it turned out fairly well! Sent it to my Sailor in a care package!

I never thought this deployment would end. We are weeks away from seeing one another face to face and I have never been more excited, nervous, or flat out happy. This all seems too real.

Thinkig tomorrow I might spend the day cleaning and posting photos and cuteness of us on here. And hopefully updating our blogroll of photos! :)

mermaidmaribel asked: i love your blog, hope you're having a great day and stay awesome :)

Thanks! I suck at keeping t up since we got married, but I still love posting and reblogging cuteee photos, and bragging about his awesomeness on here! Hope you had a great day too! :) Thanks xx


Halloween Care package Idea. 

Just in time for Halloween

The downfall of payday is the money doesn’t stay in the account that long..

Harry potter movie marathon with my love<3


we were just married on July 9, 2011. (07.09.11)

we were married right off of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton at a sweet little resort called Oceanside Marina Suites. the resort overlooks Oceanside Harbor and provided an incredible back drop for our special day. it was everything i had ever dreamed of, and then some. 

i’m not a very fancy person and it was the perfect, laid back, beach atmosphere we’d always wanted. the weather was perfect, our chiffon dresses made an excellent beach/harbor wedding choice, and the yellow was the perfect pop of color for the blue-green back drop. on top of that, my handsome Marine looked dashing (as always) in his dress blues!

i’m posting these pictures because when i was scouring the internet for Marine Corps wedding ideas, i realized, there were very few. i’m hoping these photo’s, along with the site info, will help another bride-to-be on her planning process! 

this site was a great location in Oceanside because it offers spaces for indoor as well as outdoor pictures! we also loved it for the seclusion. we rented a room with a kitchen in it to allow us to keep all our food at the correct temperature before displaying it during the reception. our wedding was truly done on a shoe-string budget, and it was sincerely the wedding of my dreams!

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Yesterday, Josh and I had a photoshoot with Jim at Chino Hills. Needless to say, the pictures came out beautiful and I’m so happy.

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